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Why Are You Stalling?

I know that getting the motivation to lose weight is half of the battle. You may know you need to make a change but don't know how to do it. Consider why you're stalling. Are you afraid to fail? Are you just exhausted? Once you pinpoint that, you'll be able to get past it.

Try New Things

If you have previously attempted weight loss and failed, it can be frustrating to think of starting over again. This time, switch it up by trying new things. You may have tried rock climbing and realised it wasn't for you. Pick something you like, and you'll be likely to stick with it!

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women eating healthy salad

As far as diet goes, healthy food can get boring fast. Mix things up and turn healthy food into a game. Pick up a new 'healthy' item at the supermarket every time you go shopping. Find a recipe that uses the item. You'll expand your vegie repertoire quick.

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